What is Uni-level Plan ?

Uni-Level plan is globally acknowledged and one of the easiest plans to present in MLM industry. Many international companies consider Uni-level plan as one of the most effective plan in MLM industry because the income calculation in Uni-Level plan is easy. Here if you want to earn more money, you need to build a team which helps you sell more products. Hence, many people call it “working plan” as well.

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How Uni-Level plan works ?

Uni-level plan allows unlimited width, which works like charm for distributors as they can refer N numbers of distributors on their front line without any spill over and build their own network. Every direct referral of distributors becomes their front liner (level 1 in level structure). Similarly the direct referral will do the same to earn more commission and refers more people, which will become their level 2 and so on. This plan has unlimited width but limited depth, which allows distributor to earn commission up to certain levels decided by company. Now Uni-level plan is little different than binary and matrix plan in terms of number of people you can refer in your front line.

Let’s take an example of level plan with 4 levels, in here maximum commission you can earn is up to the 4th level.

Levels Level Income
(In terms of INR)
1st level 10%
2nd level 7%
3rd level 5%
4th level 3%

Types of Income in Uni-Level Plan

  • Direct Referral Bonus/ Direct Sponsor Income

    Like every other MLM plans, The Direct Sponsor income is earned by distributor for referring new distributors to the system. The amount of how much commission they will earn as direct sponsor income is decided by company. In our example, distributors will get 10% of direct sales they have made as direct sponsor income.

  • Level Income

    It is the primary income of Uni-Level plan, in which distributors will get some percentage of sales achieved by their downlines on particular level as an income. The percentage of how much you can earn from each level will be decided by company. In our example, distributors will get 7% of total sales made on their level 2 as level income, 5% of total sales made on their Level 3 and so on.

  • Rank based royalty Income

    Company keeps aside some percentage of their turnover and distributes equally among the qualified distributors based on their ranks. For example, Company has reserved 10% for gold rank royalty income and in a month 10 silver distributors get qualified for this royalty. So this 10% will be equally distributed among those 10 gold rank qualifiers. Every gold qualifier will get 1% of company’s turnover as royalty income.

  • Rewards

    • Fixed Rewards: Distributor earns this incentive by fulfilling certain criteria set by company. For example if distributor can refer 20 direct sponsors within a month from their enrolment they will get additional 2% on their referral bonus.

    • Flexible Rewards: Such rewards keep changing with time. For example Company has decided to give Goa tour package to those distributors who will refer 25 direct sponsors in April month only.

Advantages of Uni-Level Plan

  • This plan is quite famous for MLM Companies because it does not require complex mathematical calculation.

  • This plan is most preferable plan for beginners in MLM industry because it is so simple to understand and easily duplicable.

Disadvantages of Uni-Level Plan

  • This plan makes it hard for distributors to focus on single leg as there are so many legs to work with.

  • Even though you have a deeper network, as distributor you can earn up to certain levels only decided by the company.

  • This plan is not so famous among networkers because it is not considered as fast money making plan.

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