How to start new mlm company?

  1. Decide a suitable Product for your target market
  2. Consult an industry expert & register the company
  3. Get all the legal procedures done
  4. Design your Plan & Calculations from an MLM expert
  5. Start Compliance process with MLM Guidelines
  6. Start Development of your MLM Software
  7. Strategize and Start your MLM Business Promotion

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Product is the most important part
Deciding MLM Products for your target market is one the most important decision you'll have to take while starting a new MLM Company

Company Registraion

MLM Company is like any other form of company which needs to register itself to the Registrar of Companies, MCA Govt. of India

There are many types of companies, the product or service will define the object of the company. We can help you in the process

Register your MLM Company

There are a lot of Government Agencies and Departments involved in regulating MLM Companies

  • Being thorough and covering all the legal aspects is very important for any company, especially MLM Companies
  • It is a time consuming and resource intensive process
  • Company registration itself is a very lengthy and multi phased process
  • Other than this there are a lot of statutory Compliances like tax audits, TDS, GST and other liabilities
  • We recommed you to seek advise from an industry expert to get started with all the legal procedures

Payout Plan Design & Calculation

No. 1 Reason of MLM Business failure is Less Profitability over time

Every MLM Company needs to calculate their payout plans very carefully because it is the key to keep the business sustainable

Along with Value for money products, Attractive Payouts is also a key to success in MLM Industry each of them heavily rely on your Plan Design
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Start Compliance process with Direct Selling Guidelines

It is Compulsory for every MLM Company to comply with the Guidelines

Department of Consumer Affairs Govt. of India in order to regulate Direct Selling industry has published Guidelines in Sep 2016.

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Get Started with MLM Software
MLM Software is at the heart of business management that's why we recommed to consult a local MLM Software provider for your requirements

Strategize and Start your MLM Business

Beyond this point you have to decide on some key decisions and only the company and its management will keep the company into a growth direction
  • Brand Establishment & Positioning
  • Segmenting Target Market
  • Go to Market Strategy
  • Package Distribution Channels
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Marketing & Promotional Material
  • Product & Business Orientations & Training

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