What is MLM Software?

MLM software is a software which manages and automates various tasks for MLM Company, from distributors' registration to calculation & payout of commissions.

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How Network Marketing Companies choose their MLM Software

Factors Most MLM Companies Consider

Joining & Genealogy
Commission Calculation
Some Basic Reports like
Taxes, Payout etc.

Factors Most MLM Companies Ignore

Financial Health Indication
Business Intelligence
Backoffice Processes Efficiency
Distributors’ Productivity
Total Cost of Ownership

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Why Network Marketing Companies make short-sighted choices

To save on costs, most MLM Company founders think that they should only focus on few features which will help them get started, but in saving small in the beginning they are loosing big in the long run

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In many ways,

MLM Software you choose affect your Company’s profitability

  • Inability to differentiate Profits from Cash flow resulting in poor financial management

  • Inability to improve compensation plan regularly resulting in losing high performing distributors

  • Inability to optimize business processes resulting in increasing unnecessary expenses

  • Inability to efficiently adopt even the minor changes resulting in higher maintenance costs

  • As a combined result it becomes difficult to focus on sustained long-term profitability

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short-sighted choices

Risks associated with cheap MLM Software

One of the earliest companies we consulted for their MLM business was suffering from losses because of various difficulties in their existing MLM Software


Improperly tested implementation of MLM Software caused technical problems damaging company’s reputation among the distributors and customers


Lack of automation in critical functions like commission calculations & payouts caused major mistakes, payout delays & unnecessary time consumption in manual efforts


Due to inefficient business process implementation in their MLM Software, more than necessary staff have to be recruited which increases operational (fixed) costs


Lack of competence and lack of well planned software design increased cost of software maintenance even for minor or obvious changes after implementation

Modern MLM Software

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