9 things to consider while adapting online education product

9 things to consider while adapting Online Education as a product

As we all know, MLM Industry is growing day by day and with the growth of the industry, people are becoming aware with the industry. With the evolution of MLM Industry, Online Education is becoming hot favorite product among network marketers.

Today, if you don’t have Online Education as a product in your MLM Company, chances of your company getting ignored by network marketers are more. If you are planning to adapt Online Education as a product for your company, here are 11 points which you should consider while adapting Online education as a product from any service provider available in market.

It should be today’s generation’s product :

This is 2016.


  • Internet is everywhere
  • 1 Computer and/or laptop is easily available in 1 house
  • People are aware about online education and they can make difference between a good product and bad product.
  • Digital India has started. Internet has been started spreading all across the India.
  • Service Industry has started booming. India became an IT hub for all across the world.
  • Concept of online education started booming in traditional market as well as MLM market.
  • Smart phones are being available in cheap prices which a common man can afford.
  • Everything is available on android app nowadays.
  • Within 1-1.5 years, whole country will be on internet.

So you need to understand value of your product. Here is the list of parameters by which you can understand it.

  • Delivery format
  • Number of courses
  • Should be available in all device
  • Facility of online evaluation.
  • Number of videos
  • Length of Videos
  • Video Quality
  • Depth of content
  • Availability of videos in free of cost by owner of the content
  • Suitability for different kind of audience
  • Legal content selling rights

Let’s take all the parameters one by one.

  1. Delivery Format :

MLM Companies should check the delivery format. Which should be one of the following:

  • Text + Videos : In this format details of courses will be in textual format which user needs to read and understand. There will be no explanations for this textual content. There will be some videos which explain some things about content. This delivery format is very out-fashioned. Your product value won’t be much in this delivery format.
  • 100% Audio-Visual : In this format all the content will be in form of videos, there will be no textual content to read. Even theories will be explained via videos. This kind of format has more value than text + videos format and nowadays the biggest e-learning companies are providing content in this format.
  1. Number of courses :

The more number of courses MLM Companies are providing, the more valuation companies can show for their online education product.

  1. Should be available on all devices (mobile responsive, Android Application based learning) :

MLM Companies needs to evaluate their content delivery system which can be either one or all from following:

  • Content delivery via non-responsive website or Portal (conventional websites): By this system, users will be able to learn content only via computers or laptops. The content will not run properly in smart-phone browser.
  • Content delivery via responsive website or Portal: By this system, users will be able to learn content via computers, laptops as well as smart-phones’ and tablet’s browsers.
  • Content delivery via mobile application: By this system, users will be able to learn content via particular operating system’s (OS) app like android application or i-phone application or windows application.
  1. Facility of online evaluation :

There are 2 types of online education system in MLM business.

  • With Online evaluation process : The evaluation process generally will be online but sometimes it may be offline. But it’s necessary to have one evaluation system or we can say online examination system. MLM Companies can show their product worthy enough with online evaluation system.
  • Without online evaluation process : MLM Companies’ online education product isn’t worth much without online evaluation system.
  1. Number of Videos :

The more number of videos you have, the more value you can show of your online education product.

  1. Length of Videos :

The more length of videos you have, the more value you can show of your online education product.

  1. Video Quality :

Following things an MLM Companies should check regarding video quality to evaluate online education product

  • Accent of Audio : For Indian audience, videos must be in Indian accent which user can simply understand. Basic knowledge of English is necessary to learn computers, so simple Indian accent content is the best way of teaching.
  • Buffering time of videos : MLM Business can be in villages as well as cities and mega cities. A video must be of enough pixels where users can simply see what’s going on in video but it should be engineered in a way by which buffering time to load videos online is minimum.
  • Easiness in learning : MLM Companies must be able to understand how much easy way of learning it will be for their users. You cannot provide everything in Hindi as English is much necessary language to learn computers so content must be displayed and explained in easiest way possible.
  1. Depth of content :

The more depth content you are providing, the more value you can show to your users.

  1. Suitability for different kind of audience :

MLM Business is for masses, not for any specific classes. So the more number of different market segments your online education product can cover, the more valuable your online education product will be.

  1. Availability of videos in free of cost by owner of the content :

If the content you are going to purchase is already available somewhere (for example, on YouTube) in free. It means that it’s a free product and you cannot sale this in your package. So it’s useless for MLM Company even if it’s cheaper.

  1. Legal content selling rights :

If MLM Companies are having every points which we covered above but content is neither created by them nor they have legal distribution rights of the content, the whole content is useless and value of the product is zero. MLM Companies can face fraud charges from their users who have purchased this content. So MLM Company must have legal selling rights of the content.

Besides these 11 things, there are some other things which also should be taken into account. Let’s have a look at it too.

Content must be originally developed by service providers, not copied from somewhere  :

As per the MLM Guidelines provided by Ministry of consumers affairs of India, products and/or services MLM Companies are providing must have been either directly manufactured by MLM Company or they must have license to sell the product.

Now in order to get license, your service provider must have original rights for the content and they must be able to provide you distribution rights of the product.If service provider from who you are planning to take or already taking online education product have the original rights of the content or not, have they developed content by themselves or just copied it from some source where it is already available for free. If they don’t have original rights or the content they are providing you is not originally developed by them, think twice before taking decision of selling this content to your users, because you surely don’t want to drag your company or yourself into some legal trouble.

Content should be interconnected so your users can understand it :

Online education is one product in which there is going to be list of courses which your MLM Company is going to provide to cover different background people of different ages.

While selecting a product, you must be consider that content must be interconnected.

For an example: JAVA is a programming language which comes from C++. So there might be many theories and/or concepts from C++ used in JAVA learning tutorials. Content of your online education product must be interconnected so that while describing concept in JAVA, user will know that it’s a concept from C++.

Content should not be for Classes, It must be for Masses .

As a MLM Company, your product must be covering content which can be targeted to different age groups and different profession people.

Support system for MLM Company :

Technical support is very important aspect of online services whether it’s your MLM Software or e-commerce or online education services.

Before purchasing you need to understand support system of your service provider.

Support system for Associates who has purchased MLM Company package :

As per the MLM Guidelines provided by Ministry of consumer affairs of India, a company must have a system by which customer of a company is being able to address any query or concern about the product and services MLM Company is providing.

As a marketing company, you are not being able to provide any support about content of online education. So you must need to have a service provider who provides support about query raised by your online education content.

It should be making company able to differentiate with Traditional Market :

The biggest problem happened with physical products is their prices (very low rates than MLM Companies are charging) are being displayed on one click of search on Google.

Think, If you have product and/or services which are not available in traditional market,

You wouldn’t have to worry about

  • Comparing MRP of the product.
  • Fear of finding in their nearest classes.

You can actually project your company better than any other products available in traditional market.

100% End to End services :

Your MLM Company is marketing company, not manufacturing company.

Your focus must be on sales, not about after sales services. It is a job of your service provider who has manufactured the product.

So your online education product provider must be able to provide you 100% end to end services.

Content must be responsibility of service provider.

As explained above,

Your MLM Company is marketing company, not manufacturing company.

Your focus must be on sales, not about after sales services. It is a job of your service provider who has manufactured the product.

So your online education product provider must be able to provide you 100% end to end services.

In 100% end to end services, it must be included that content is a responsibility of service provider and your service provider must be able to provide services on the content.If you are planning to provide online education product to your customers or already providing, make sure to check things discussed above or contact us from HERE, we will provide you online education product ensuring all the points and quality parameters discussed above.