why should people buy online education from you

Why should people buy Online education from you ?

Online education, surely is a wonderful and must have product for every MLM company today. It is the product of today’s generation. It is the product which shows how forward the MLM company is. But it doesn’t mean that MLM companies can sell anything or any video in the name of online education. There must be some quality, some value in the product. You have to give people reason to buy online education product from you. Let’s have a little talk about why should people buy Online education from you.

The problems of our traditional education system and its effects :

Everyone knows that jobs are hard to get, Unemployment is increasing every year. But still many people manage to get jobs of Rs.1,50,000/- per month and even more. Many people may think : How is it possible? But it’s happening everywhere in India. The only thing which can provide you job is the skills because it doesn’t matter that you have degree from any reputed college or university until you have the skills that job need.

The biggest reason for people not having skills is our traditional education system which focuses more on getting good marks rather than understanding what you are studying. If you have good memory, you can have good marks but that doesn’t mean you understand what you learn.

This problem has started from implementation of British rule education in our country. If you have studied history carefully, you may know that British rulers wanted to create good servants or we can say employees so they implemented education which creates more employees who don’t have skills but they are good at following orders and they can do good labor work. But considering population of India, the amount of people who can do clerical job is more than the demand. so payout in this kind of work is very nominal. Nowadays every work needs to be done with skills.

This problem started arising since the time of globalization. I have seen people who don’t have even a graduation degree and having a starting salary of 20,000/- and even earning more than Rs.50, 000/- per month on basis of their skills. You can refer to THIS ARTICLE to see what can you get with skills whether you have degree or not.

There are some problems with our traditional education system. Here is a summary of problems of our traditional education system:

  • One gets degree on the basis of marks (or we can say ‘memory’) rather than understanding of subjects.
  • The approach of students and parents for education is more on degrees and less on skills which rather should be focused equally.
  • Acquiring skills in specific subjects are expensive and option of that is struggle for 5-10 years in field and you will have experience which will teach you.
  • Information technology is growing rapidly but institutional resources are not having what it takes to make people compatible enough to adopt everyday changing technologies.
  • Information technology is penetrating in every conventional field but people are not enough capable to cultivate it’s benefits into their productivity like if housewives learn graphics designing, they can start graphic designing related work from home in their free time. To do this, they don’t need degree but only skills of graphic designing.

What is online education?

Online education is a method of delivering educational information via internet instead of a classroom.

Online education is for everyone whether you are student, Doctor, Engineer, Advocate, Programmer, Analyst, Economics etc. or whether you are 5 year old child or 75 year old elder. Online education serves the skills you want from how to start to how to become master whether it’s your routine work or specialized profession. Many professional across the world learns about new advancements in their field online, via internet. Corporate companies are providing training to their employees from different locations at same time through concept of online education.

Here are some resources to learn more about Online Education Industry :

Online Education is solving problems of traditional education system (and its effects)

What Indian people need is a way from which they can learn skills of their interest in an easy and affordable way. It’s possible through Online education.

How? Let’s understand.

In the concept of online education, an education service provider has to develop the content with defining necessary parameters of content they want to provide without worrying about its price. After finishing it, they can charge a nominal amount of money from student to enroll and learn.

What are the benefits of users ?

  • They can learn from anywhere
  • They can learn anytime
  • They can learn at their pace
  • Personalized learning library for users
  • They can track their Progress
  • They can revise whenever they want
  • They can learn through audio visual content, which is the most effective way of learning skills
  • They can learn through “How to” videos
  • They can learn in easy to understand language
  • They can learn from videos with animated visual effects

There are so many ways a user from any education background or any profession can use these courses in their routine work.

If user wants to make his/her career on basis of these courses, how can a user do it ?

Well now things are getting more serious for users as this is about career, let’s begin with simple things. For career, different people always give different advises on which career to choose how to choose it.

Simple question is, who can decide which career you should choose ?

Answer : Only You.

But which information is needed to decide that is very important aspect. We all would be agree on that if you know how it feels to work in different fields, you will be clearly able to decide in which direction you want to go ahead and that’s exactly what we are going to provide. You will be provided with essentials of 66 computer courses in English, 13 computer courses in Hindi and 51 utilities in English which will make your users able to start working on all these courses of 9 categories which are Fundamental Courses, Office Work courses, Programming and Software development courses, Website designing and scripting, animation & movie making, database, desktop publishing, engineering & CAD and special courses. Now user needs to identify his/her area of interest and to start learning all courses in chosen categories from basic courses to advance level courses in that category. By this, users will be able to understand what kind of work they will have to do if and when they will start working. On basis of that experience, users will be able to decide in which field they want to make their career.

Once you or your users will go through benefits or courses, they will understand what they can do through these courses. Then they just have to figure out how they can use it in the work they are doing every day.

Let’s take an example to understand that. For Example : I am a network marketer and my every day work is to promote my company’s product and business.

  • Microsoft Excel Online : Keep track of my progress
    • I can create a spreadsheet of list of all my prospects (guests) with their contact number and share it with my upline to keep a track of my early personal sales growth.
    • I can teach my downline leaders to create and share online spreadsheet with me keeping their prospect list. This way I can know all the progress in my group from a single place and allocate my time where it’s needed the most
  • Microsoft Word Online : Utilize my time well
    • I can draft / review / read my training documents while I am traveling
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Online : Presenting products & business
    • Everyone’s presentation is different, I can create the company presentation in a way that is most suitable for me and which helps in presenting company’s products and business to my prospects

And we have just discussed one use case example, having knowledge of computer skills helps us to improve our life day by day.So with all the features and qualities discussed above, each and every person who will see presentation of your company will surely have enough reasons to buy this product from you. So don’t wait now and grab a product which every person will happily buy from you from HERE.