how to promote online education

How to promote/present online education product?

Presenting online education in a right way can make prospects realize that the product they are going to get from you is of more value than the money they’ll have to pay and they will be more than happy to purchase your package. But somehow this doesn’t happen due to lack of knowledge of how to promote or present online education product. Here we tried to define a process step by step to present/promote online education product to your prospects more effectively, have a look at it.

Traditional Education system and its disadvantages

Everyone knows that jobs are hard to get, Unemployment is increasing every year. But still many people manage to get jobs of Rs.1,50,000/- per month and even more. Many people may think: How is it possible? But it’s happening everywhere in India. The only thing which can provide you job is the skills because it doesn’t matter if you have degree from some reputed college or university until you have the skills that job needs.

The biggest reason for people not having skills is our traditional education system which focuses more on getting good marks rather than understanding what you are studying. If you have good memory, you can have good marks but that doesn’t mean you understand what you learn.

This problem has started from implementation of British rule education in our country. If you have studied history carefully, you may know that British rulers always wanted to create good servants or we can say employees so they implemented education which creates more employees who doesn’t have skills but they are good at following orders and they can do good labor or we can say clerical work. But considering population of India, the amount of people who can do clerical job is more than the demand so payout in this kind of work is very nominal. Nowadays, every work needs to be done with skills.

This problem started arising since the time of globalization. There are many people who don’t have even a graduation degree and having a starting salary of 20,000/- and even earning more than Rs.50,000/- per month based on their skills. You can refer to THIS ARTICLE to see what you can get with skills whether you have degree or not.

Since this is the era of Internet & mobile, everything here started being available online. Education industry is also being available online and it’s called “Online Education” or “e-Learning”. Because of lack of affordable sources available in traditional education, people has started studying online as it is comparatively cheap, easily accessible and the most important thing is they can learn whatever they are interested in. Google and YouTube have made it easier. Nowadays if you want to find anything, just Google it. Smartphones made it easier to access knowledge online and people are accepting the concept of online education, you can check the forecast of online education industry by clicking HERE

What is online education? And how it is changing education all around the world?

Online education is a method of delivering educational information via the internet instead of in a physical classroom.

Online education is for everyone whether you are student, Doctor, Engineer, Advocate, Programmer, Analyst, Economics etc. or whether you are 5 year old or 75 year old. Online education serves the skills you want, from “ how to start “ to being very good at it. Many professional across the world learns about new advancements in their field on internet. Corporate companies are providing training to their employees from different locations at same time through the concept of online education.

Education problems in India and how online education is solving these problems?

Let’s talk about India, India is having big challenges in education sector. Our traditional education system content is not enough to make Indians able to compete the world. So many students who want to be excellent in their area of interest, learn the necessary content through outer channels like coaching classes, but the problem with these outer channels is its high pricing which is not affordable to a student from a middle class family of India.

What Indian people need is an easy and affordable way to learn skills of their interest. Online Education is the way in which it’s possible.


In the concept of online education, an education provider develops the content with defining necessary parameters of content they want to provide without worrying about its price. After finishing it, they can charge a nominal amount of money from students to enroll and learn.

What are the benefits of Users?

  • They get to learn content in very affordable prices.
  • They can learn anytime,unlike some specific hours of coaching.
  • They can learn from any place, so they don’t need to go coaching center everyday.

What we observed in India? And Why we felt a need to come up with something?

Nowadays computer industry is growing very fast. The highest placements are getting allotted to the people from computer field. India is globally positioning itself as an IT hub. Companies across the world come in India and take software people to their countries to work. Many international companies have started offices in India. There are many IT companies opening in India every day and after the emergence of Smart phones, possibilities of jobs and innovation in computer industry has become exponential.

But there is a huge portion of people who don’t have enough knowledge about computers. There are people in India who don’t even know how to make a folder in computer. There are lots of people who just know basics of MS Word, MS Excel and MS Power point.

In today’s era of smart phones and technology, every person who is doing any kind of work will have to touch these technologies somewhere otherwise they won’t survive in the competition out in the market. As India is becoming digital with ‘Digital India’ campaign, people need to develop skills related to computer the most. ‘Skill India’ campaign is in motion to improve skills of common people so that they can do better with their life.

We observed all this and we felt that we need to provide the quality product people want. We didn’t want to compromise in quality just to make our package affordable. So we adopted the concept of online education and started delivering the content. In this way, we have the product which can actually make a difference in lives of lots of people in the country by providing them essential skills based practical education at very affordable price.

What we came up with? And what we are offering?

We came up with content of 87 computer courses of 15 different categories in which we have covered all the essentials of those courses. In these courses, we have covered 13 courses in Hindi as well which can be helpful to people who are not very good at understanding english. We took a school approach here (School Approach: Schools can’t teach you everything about anything but schools teach you essentials enough to start working on it.) Categories of our courses are as listed below :

  1. Operating Systems Guide
  2. Microsoft Office
  3. Working Online
  4. Using Online Services
  5. Useful Computer Skills
  6. Programming Languages
  7. Web Development Skills
  8. Database
  9. Mobile Technologies
  10. Security
  11. Graphics Designing & Desktop Publishing
  12. Animation and Movie Making
  13. CAD and Engineering
  14. इंगलिश स्पीकिंग
  15. बुनियादी कम्प्यूटर स्कील्स
  16. व्यवसायी कम्प्यूटर स्कील्स

Benefits for users and their families

  • First of all: It’s affordable. Users can learn essentials of these much courses at a fraction of price compared to conventional computer classes.
  • In IT industry, you need to have necessary knowledge of more than one technology. For an example, to make functional website in PHP, you need to have knowledge of HTML, CSS, JAVA Script, etc. So it will be easier to get everything in the nominal amount from one place.
  • It’s a package for family. Your family can learn different courses from single package.
  • Users can learn anytime from anywhere so they don’t need to go out in classes on their given time.
  • Easy upgrades. Users will be able to have upgrades when they come in nominal price.
  • User will learn from audio-video online lectures with animated effects and easy to understand language
  • Generally users decide what to do based on suggestions from relatives and surrounded people’s suggestion. After learning essentials of these courses, they can take decision in which courses they want to be master on basis of their understanding of its basics and can start doing necessary things to be the master of the course.
  • Users can post their queries about content and will get answers in 48 hours.

Price justifications and Value proposition.

  • All these benefits at this price provides much more value for money compared to prices in market for individual courses.
  • In traditional market, a user won’t get essentials of these much courses under one roof.
  • If a user studies only even 5-10 courses, his/her money is more than covered.
  • This is a package for family so every member of a user’s family can be benefited from a single package.

We hope this article will help you in promoting/presenting online education effectively from now on wards.And still if you are not promoting online education, if you don’t have online education product in your MLM company, don’t miss out. Contact us from HERE and get started with online education product right now.