how to decide price of your online education product package

How to decide price of your Online Education product package?

Online education product is a product which have wide horizons. So many things can be learnt and can be done through the medium of Online education. With so much courses to learn, from different categories and with so much features, sometimes it becomes hard for MLM companies to decide price of the package in which they are going to provide Online education product. Here we tried to help these MLM companies a little in deciding price of their online education product package.

As online education product is a virtual product, you can decide its price as much low or medium as you want to. You can take parameters discussed below in consideration while deciding price of packages with online education.

Market segment you want to target :

Which kind of market segment you are targeting is the most important question you should ask to yourself 1st while deciding its price. Yes we know that you want to target everyone and your product is also for everyone but the kind of people you want in your company as a direct seller must be able to pay for your package.

Purchase power of your targeted customers :

Purchase power is the most important factor, MLM Companies should consider while deciding price of their packages. If their targeted market doesn’t have purchase power for the decided package price, their strategy won’t work and they won’t be able to grow their business.

Business model – Revenue based or Volume based:

MLM Company must decide in which kind of business model they are going to work – revenue based or volume based. If MLM Company is trying to work on revenue based business model, then they must decide package price and income plan in a way where they can get maximum margin after satisfying their customers. If MLM Company is trying to work on volume based business model, then they must decide package price and income plan in a way where they can get maximum sales while satisfying their customers because the profit margin on packages will be low.

Number of associates you have in your company at time :

Number of associates in your company at present time is also a very important factor because it will also make you able to plan sales of short term period like upcoming 3 months or 6 months. So you can choose your business model accordingly.

Prices of other products which you are going to provide in your package with online education (if any):

Other products with online education which you are planning to provide in your product package will have its MRP which can be compared with the same product available in traditional market. So to decide business distribution, package price and business model, you need to consider cost of other products and it’s genuine MRP as well.

We hope this guide will help you in deciding price of your online education product package.And if you don’t have online education product to include in your product package, grab it from HERE because Online education is changing MLM industry, and it’s gonna be the product of most successful MLM companies of the future