evaluate value of online education product

How to evaluate value of your Online Education product – Based On Parameters

Having valuable Online education as a product in your MLM company is really essential if you want to see your MLM company growing. Many of the MLM companies decides to adopt Online education product but end up with choosing online education product of no value from wrong service provider, due to lack of knowledge of how to evaluate value of the product.Here are the parameters on basis of which MLM Company can evaluate value of online education Product they are going to provide to their customers :

Delivery Format of online education:

MLM Companies should check the delivery format which can be one from following:

  • Text + Videos: In this format, details of courses will be in textual format which user needs to read and understand. There will be no explanations for this textual content. There will be some videos which explain some things about content. This delivery format is very out-fashioned. Your product value won’t be much in this delivery format.
  • 100% Audio-Visual: In this format all the content will be in form of videos, there will be no textual content to read. Even theories will be explained via videos. This kind of format has more value than text + video format. Nowadays the biggest e-learning companies are providing content in this format.

Number of courses:

The more number of courses MLM Companies are providing, the more valuation companies can show for their online education product.

Modes of content delivery (mobile responsive, Android Application based learning)

MLM Companies should evaluate their content delivery system which can be either one or all from following:

  • Content delivery via non-responsive website or Portal: By this system, users will be able to learn content only via computers or laptops. The content will not run properly in smart-phone browser.
  • Content delivery via responsive website or Portal: By this system, users will be able to learn content via computers, laptops as well as smart-phones’ and tablet’s browsers.
  • Content delivery via mobile application: By this system, users will be able to learn content via particular operating system’s (OS’) app like android application or i-phone application or windows application.

Facility of online evaluation:

There are 2 types of online education system in MLM business.

  • With Online evaluation process: The evaluation process generally will be online but sometimes it may be offline. But it’s necessary to have one evaluation system or we can say online examination system. MLM Companies can show their product worthy enough with online evaluation system.
  • Without online evaluation process: MLM Companies’ online education product isn’t worth much without online evaluation system.

Number of Videos:

The more number of videos you have, the more value of your online education product you can show.

Length of Videos:

The more length of videos you have, the more value of your online education product you can show.

Video Quality:

Following things an MLM Companies should have to check regarding Video Quality to evaluate online education Product

  • Accent of Audio: For Indian audience, videos must be in Indian accent which user can simply understand. Basic knowledge of English is necessary to learn computers, so simple Indian accent content is the best way of teaching.
  • Buffering time of videos: MLM Business can be in villages as well as cities and mega cities. A video quality must be good enough where users can simply see what’s going on in video and it also should be engineered in a way by which buffering time to load videos online is minimum.
  • How much easy way of learning they are providing? : MLM Companies must be able to understand how much easy way of learning it will be for their users. You cannot provide everything in Hindi as English is much necessary language to learn computers so content must be displayed and explained in easiest possible way.

Depth of content:

The more deep the content you are providing, the more value you can show to your users.

Suitability for different kind of audience:

MLM Business is for masses, not for any specific classes. So the more number of different market segments your online education product can cover, the more valuable your online education product will be.

Availability of videos on some other channels for free by owner of the content:

If the content you are going to purchase is available on some other channels or mediums like YouTube which is published by content owner, It means that it’s a free product and you cannot sale it in your package. So it’s useless for MLM Company even if it’s cheaper.

Legal content selling rights:

If MLM Companies are having every points which we covered above but content is neither created by them nor they have legal distribution rights of the content, the whole content is useless and value of such product is zero. MLM Companies can face fraud charges from their users who have purchased this content. So MLM Company must have legal selling rights of the content.

So do check all the parameters discussed above and evaluate the value of Online education product you are going to provide to your customers. If you don’t find any of the value in the content, think twice about it.We ensure all the quality parameters discussed above in our Online education product and do believe in providing high value Online education to MLM companies so they can happily sell it to their end users. To take a step forward towards your success and to opt best Online education product for your MLM company, contact us from HERE.