What is Online Education? – Let’s have a look

India has become IT hub in world. With the growth of IT industry in India, Online Education has become one of the most important and essential thing. This essential thing is effecting MLM Industry in many ways. Still, many of the industry leaders are unaware with the concept and working of Online Education.

Online Education has become must for all MLM industrialists and leaders to be successful in MLM Industry today. So let’s have a look at what Online Education is.

Concept of Online education :

By definition, Online education is a method of delivering educational information via the internet instead of in a physical classroom. Let’s understand it.

In 1990s, the world has seen a revolution so big that it touches each and every aspect of our life at the same time growing faster than anything that came before it – INTERNET. One of the objectives behind the invention of the internet was to share research and educational content with large group of people.

In early 2000s, it became clear that all the information in the world will be accessible using internet and following that idea, many governments, research institutes, universities and other educational institutions are trying to make their curriculum and study material accessible online and they have been very successful. India is not an exception.

With the growing internet users in India and following the initiative of government like Digital India & skill India, many organizations have come up with their solutions to provide training and skill development programs online. So a user can learn whatever he want, whenever he want through internet ( which is accessible everywhere ) and computers, laptops and smartphones. And this trend is going to change how people in our country learn new skills.

  • How the concept of online education emerged?

There were key issues regarding traditional education system, Let me share some of it with you.

  • Commercial approach in education
  • Education for marks not to learn
  • One teacher and too many students which makes teacher not being able to pay attention to everyone.
  • Experts are not being everywhere and everyone can’t go at the place to experts. Etc

As we know,

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Problems of unemployment were rising not because there were no enough jobs but because people are not enough capable to have it. That leads to a demand for learning skills which is surely related to employment. Era of Internet brings an opportunity to fulfill this demand. Now neither people need to go to the expert nor experts need to come to the people. Experts can convey their thoughts, views, knowledge via Internet. Even people who are not expert in conventional manner but have different kind of skills can share their knowledge. The way of doing all these is “Online education” or “e-Learning”. The emergence of online education is the key global revolution.

  • Why people are accepting it, how ? :

Now anyone can learn anything they want to learn. There is no barrier of time and place because anyone can learn from anywhere on anytime they want.

Wow! This is something we can call truly extraordinary. Google and YouTube have made it easier. Nowadays if you want to find anything, just Google it. Smartphones made it easier to access knowledge online and people are accepting the concept of online education.

Check out the forecast of online education industry by a well known platform : https://yourstory.com/2016/07/future-online-education-in-india/

  • Why it’s so important?

Online education is so important because it can actually be helpful for you to become what you want to be no matter from which background you are coming. You can learn anything anytime from anywhere. You can become expert in any field you want to be. You can explore unlimited amount of knowledge and skills. This is the biggest solution for unemployment and poverty. If this channel is properly utilized, it’s actually capable enough to turn developing nation to developed nation.