How to target different age groups, professions with Online Education packages?

As we have discussed many times in our previous articles, MLM companies can widen their targeted market segment with online education product as it is a product which is useful for people of different age groups, people from different educational background and people from different professional backgrounds. Let’s see how MLM companies can target different age group, profession with online education product, with a practical approach. 

First, let’s discuss this with context of different age groups:

Target People from different age groups with online education:

 5 Years to 15 years children:

 Children of this age group are starting to learn computers and they are updating themselves day by day with technologies. Nowadays, students of this age group are very much tech friendly and rather wasting their time in computer & mobile games and/or on social media, let’s make them to focus their energy in learning essentials of some daily usage courses and utilities which are as following :

 Daily usage courses:

Fundamental CoursesOfficial Work
Windows 7Microsoft Word
Windows 8Microsoft Excel
Ubuntu 12Microsoft PowerPoint
Mac OS X LionMicrosoft Publisher
AMPMicrosoft Outlook
EclipseTally ERP 9
InternetMicrosoft Visio
Desktop PublishingMicrosoft Access
Corel DrawMicrosoft Front Page
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Pagemaker
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Fireworks
Adobe Edge Animate

Utility Courses (51):

1. Accept & Reject Cookies      2. Archive Multiple Files      3. Change Default Search IE      4. Compressing A File      5. Decompressing A File      6. Digital Rights Management      7. Download Numbers      8. Download Webpage      9. Face book      10.File Recovery      11.Google Books      12.Google Chrome      13.Google Maps      14.Google Search      15.Hard Disk Drive      16.Hibernate      17.Hide Recycle Bin      18.How to Burn A CD      19.How to File Copy Right      20.How to Find IP Address      21.How to Install Printer      22.How to Install Speakers      23.How to Transfer Images Mobile to PC      24.Internet Explorer      25.IP Address26.Laptop Buying Tips      27.Mozilla Firefox      28.Multiple Programs      29.PC Buying Tips      30.PC Security Tips      31.Random Numbers      32.Safe Internet Surfing Tips      33.Spy Ware      34.Stop Unwanted E-mails      35.Troubleshoot common comp Problems      36.USB      37.Virtual PC      38.Website Shortcuts      39.Downloading A File      40.E-mail Filter      41.E-mail with Attachment      42.Format Pen drive      43.Internet Browsers      44.Network Printer      45.Online Computer Tech Support      46.Register Domain Name      47.Remote Assistance      48.Remote Desktop      49.Safe Mode      50.Computer Monitor      51.Disk defragmenter

 15 to 25 years teenagers and bachelors:

 1st of all if they don’t know any courses from above , they must learn it because those are daily usage courses which will be very helpful to them in whatever work they are doing.

 This is the age when students are confused about what they should choose as a career and for that generally they take opinions of different people and everyone gives them different opinions. What actually can help them is a proper lookout of different field and through the professional category courses we mentioned below, they can actually learn essentials of every category courses and after the experience of these courses, users of this age will be able to decide where they actually want to make their carrier. 

Then they can start learning any category of the professional courses mentioned below:

Database related courses (3) :


 Microsoft SQL Server


 Engineering and CAD related courses (3) :


 Pro Engineering


 Web Designing and Scripting related courses (16) :

  •  HTML
  •  CSS
  •  JavaScript
  •  DHTML
  •  HTML 5
  • WML
  • j-Query
  • PHP
  • JSP
  • XML
  • XSLT
  • VB Script
  • AJAX
  • Adobe Dreamweaver