Which business plan is best for your MLM Company

Each business plan have its pros and cons, you have choose which one fits you the best

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MLM Business Plans

As we know, there are many types of compensation plans are available in MLM Industry.

Having more than one compensation plan is a benefit in a way for companies as they can select from various options available to them. But in the other way, it makes work harder for them as they might get confused in deciding best suitable plan for their company according to their company needs. Because only after deciding the best MLM plan for them, company can proceed further to design MLM SOFTWARE as it is the most important and definite part of any MLM company. If you are confused in what MLM Software is then please let me give you an overview of it.

MLM Plan & MLM Software

To run any MLM Plan successfully you need good MLM Software

MLM Software can be considered as the heart of any MLM Company and MLM Business. Being an experienced service provider to MLM companies, we can say that no MLM Company can run without good MLM Software.

MLM Software is a software which manage all the business data and business calculations of MLM Companies i.e. Direct seller's personal information like name, age, gender, city, information of persons recruited by particular direct seller, their income, data of their team or downline members, levels achieved by them or member of their downline, details of shipment of products, pin management, etc. and many more than that. If you are not much aware about MLM SOFTWARE, we recommend you to refer our post on MLM SOFTWARE here.

How to start

Now let's get back on how we can decide whether the MLM plan you are going to select for your company is best for your company or not. If we want to decide which MLM plan will be best compensation plan, there will be many factors which we'll have to consider.

As structure of these plans varies and all the plans have both advantages and disadvantages, there will be some situations which also should be taken into consideration while deciding best compensation plan for your company.

Don't get confused

Before proceeding further, one very basic thing which is in fact the most difficult but the important part in whole process which should be kept in mind while deciding best MLM plan for your company is, “Not to listen to opinion of too many people. If you listen to the opinions of many people, you surely find yourself in more confusing state of mind.

Different MLM plans available in MLM industry are having different specialties. Some plans are suitable and easy to distributors or direct sellers who are experienced enough in industry and having good recruiting ability. While some plans are suitable and easy or supportive to distributors or direct sellers who are not much experienced in industry and don't possess fine abilities of recruiting new people or who are doing the business part time.

So if you will ask to too many people, they will surely respond with the current plan they're working on ! Actually, they will respond with only features (good features according to them.!!) they know about the current plan they are working on. But if you will ask them about other plan than recommended plan by them, they might have nothing more to say to you as they might be unaware about other plans than plan they are working on recently.

Various Opinions

There is a sure reason behind having people having various opinions. As network marketing or direct selling industry is growing rapidly, it is going to be more competitive. To stand out in competition, some of the companies try to out-promote each other by promoting plan adopted by them as only good plan available in whole industry. Every MLM company and every leader claims to have “BEST COMPENSATION PLAN EVER!"

By asking or listening to many people, you will have more thoughts like these about different plans in your mind and more thoughts will lead you to more confusion! And in confusion, you won't come up with any decision about best plan for your MLM Company, but you have to as every MLM company needs compensation plan. So let's discuss on how you can decide best MLM plan for your company without getting confused by people's suggestions.

To decide the best MLM plan, the first required thing is you must have knowledge about all compensation plans available in MLM industry. Only after having sufficient knowledge about every compensation plan, you will be able to evaluate every plan. We recommend you to go through this page which will be helpful to you in understanding all the plans better.

Use Parameters

A fact that makes your work of evaluating plans even hard is every plan looks good on paper but you cannot evaluate it or analyze it properly without any practical experience with the plan. If you want to evaluate it by asking about profit any MLM company making after adopting some MLM plan, you can. But you will have to work hard for that as no company will share its financials with you !

Now as we can see, it is somehow impossible to decide which plan from available MLM plans is the best plan. But as a solution to it, we can make out a list of feature which should be in MLM plan which you are looking for and then we can see in which plan these features can be availed. By this way, we will be avoiding confusions and will be able to decide right plan for your MLM Company.

What you should check

We have point out some important features which you should be looking for in your MLM Company's plan.

Good Track Record


Before deciding any plan as a plan of your company, study existing companies with the same plan available in market, whether it is running or not. Study the plan of the company carefully. Study the relative growth of the company with other companies having different plan than that particular plan.

If any plan is having more number of successfully running companies for long time, it can be the sustainable plan for your company. That plan can be adopted with means of doing long term business. If company with plan, let's say PLAN – A is having more relative growth in same time than the company having PLAN – B, then PLAN – A can be growth generating plan for your company. That plan can be adopted with means of higher growth of your company in less time.

This way, by analyzing plans of companies and comparing those plans with plan of other companies, you can come up with a decision of which plan has better track record than other plans.

Justifiable to your distributors


Having a plan which is doing justice to every distributor is necessary thing as it will define whether people joining late will get benefits as equal as people joining earlier or not. If your plan is paying more or giving more benefits to people only on basis of their period of their joining instead of hard work they are doing then it can be injustice with people joining comparatively late but doing more hard work.

Every distributor or direct seller should have same earning opportunity on same amount of work they are doing, regardless when they are entering into your company. If someone who got in your company earlier is getting rewarded more than someone else entering later, it will make joining your company hard for new people. This is not sustainable.

So find out or design a plan in which hard work, consistent efforts and performance are getting rewarded, not time period.

Practical for your distributors


A plan which is not practically acceptable by associates or prospects doesn’t survive long. Practically acceptable here means a plan in which associates and prospects will believe that they will be able to match criteria of working and earning easily. If your plan is making your distributors, direct sellers or associates believe that it is hard for them to do it than it can be hard for them to recruit new people or to get new people to join them.

If your plan is making prospects of your associates to believe that it is hard for them to do it than it can be hard for them to join your company. In both cases, it will be a very big loss for your company. If your plan has criteria in which every associate will have to sponsor or recruit more number of people, it will be hard for your associates as well as their prospects. A plan rewarding team work and team building can be practically acceptable by associates and prospects. So try and find or design a plan which looks practically possible and acceptable for both direct sellers/associates and prospects.

Easy to explain & understand

Having a plan which has good track record, which is justiciable and practical for associates and prospects is not enough. Besides these qualities, your plan should be easy to understand and explain by anyone, be it your associate or prospect or anyone else. Any plan which is not easy to understand and explain is hard to be accepted by people.

To keep your plan easy to understand, don't complicate it. More complicated plans are likely to be harder to understand. If your plan is hard to understand, it is surely hard to explain it to someone else. After seeing plan which is easily understandable, prospects of your associates will think it will be easy for them to explain it to someone else and they will be able to do it easily, which will make them more confident to join your company.

So design a plan which is not much complicated, so that it can be understood and explained easily.

What can we do for you ?


Being an experienced service provider in MLM industry, we have deep knowledge of all the MLM plans available in MLM Industry. We can help you in deciding which MLM plan should be adopted by you after knowing your expectations from your plan.

Besides this, we can provide you best suitable MLM Software and MLM Products according to your requirement and your plan to ensure success of your plan as well as your company.

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