MLM Matrix Plan

It is an MLM business plan that promotes maximum teamwork

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Matrix Plan is a MLM Plan which is based on Matrix. Before learning more or going deep into MLM MATRIX PLAN, having an idea about MLM SOFTWARE is something which is recommended.

MLM Software can be considered as a heart or fuel of any MLM company or MLM industry. It manages business data and provides ease in repetitive but important tasks of any MLM Company. If you are not much aware about MLM SOFTWARE, we recommend you to refer our post on MLM SOFTWARE here.

Now let’s see what MATRIX COMPENSATION PLAN actually is.

What is Matrix plan ?

MATRIX COMPENSATION PLAN, also known as Forced Matrix Plan is as stated above, a plan which is based on Matrix.

In more clear words, the Forced Matrix plan is a matrix that describes the width and depth of MLM Company having matrix plan. A Matrix of X×Y defines X width and Y length of network of any associated direct seller.

Understanding working of matrix plan is as easy as understanding the structure of matrix particular plan have.

How it Works ?

To understand it easily, let’s say, a 3×5 matrix plan is a plan in which you can sponsor up to 3 distributors which will be your frontline distributors and you can earn potential commissions up to 5 levels deep.

The width and depth of matrix compensation plan is not only limited to 3 and 5 respectively. There can be matrix compensation plans in which widths can be narrow and lengths can be deep. One example of such MATRIX COMPENSATION PLAN can be the 2×12 matrix plan where number of frontline distributor is 2 and number of levels on which direct seller can get compensated is 12.It means that, if you are promoting 2×12 matrix plan than you can have 2 frontline distributors and you can get compensated on 12 levels deep.

Beside this, Forced Matrix plan also have feature of “SPIL OVER”, which is very interesting part of Matrix plan. Spill over means once you have your frontline distributors appointed and after that, any new distributor will spill over into any of the open slots available in your network. Old Matrix plans was designed in a way that it can do spill over automatically and you did not have any control over the process of spill over. But now, companies are changing this in order to allow distributors to have more control over their business.

Additionally, the commission paid on each level is variable. Your compensation rate is based on a certain percentage of the volume generated from each level as well as the commissions of everyone in your downline up to a certain level, which is the depth of the matrix. As an example, you will be compensated 5% of the volume generated on your first level, which mostly will be on your frontline distributors directly appointed by you, 4% of volume on your second level, 3% of volume on the third, 2% of volume of the forth and 1% of volume of your fifth level, if you have 3×5 matrix plan.

Generally, companies prefer narrow and deeper plan to inculcate more teamwork and support in network from upline to downline. One example of such plan can be 2×10 or 2×12 matrix plan.

Advantages of Matrix Plan

It promotes teamwork where distributors work together and everyone get profits or benefits.

Because of the wide and deep structure, Matrix plan make distributors or direct sellers to do teamwork which makes it easy to attract new distributors or direct sellers.

Distributors cannot build an organization in structure other than defined structure of group.

Spill over makes attracting new distributors easy as it is something which makes work of associates easy if any of upline fill up available spaces in their downline or in their network.

Disadvantages of Matrix Plan

New distributor can think or believe that because of teamwork, the team will develop business for them which can arise unrealistic expectations in their mind.

In some Matrix plans, the enrolling distributor may not have any control over the placement of new distributors within their organization. Some companies have changed their plan that will enable these distributors more control over building their business.

It can be difficult to explain to potential prospects or newly joined or willing to join distributor because of commission variations based on levels.

Distributor’s efforts to appoint distributor on one level can be different from efforts to appoint distributor on some other level, because of the commission variations based on level.

How can we help ?

Along with a good Matrix MLM plan, a good MLM SOFTWARE is also required.

According to us, MATRIX PLAN is a plan in which distributors will earn more profit when no. of sales will be more. But in more no. of sales, product cost of each sale will be company’s investment. So as an experienced product & service provider of more than 100 customers, from list of products we provide, we recommend a product which gives more profit as no of sales increase, which is Online Education.

Besides that, we can provide MLM SOFTWARE as per your need of MLM MATRIX PLAN along with must have and high end features which guarantees flexible implementation of your neatly and nicely designed MLM MATRIX PLAN to ensure success of your company and you.

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